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Cross Bow Draw and the Cross Bow Rudder by Robert Finlay of Kayak Lake Mead

​These strokes work best with kayaks with well developed front rocker. Watch the videos for demonstrations of these two powerful strokes.

With the kayak in a static position, the cross bow draw is a powerful stroke for pulling the bow upwind. With practice, you'll also find it turns a kayak quickly and in place. So, it's a good stroke in tight quarters.

When the kayak is moving, the cross bow rudder moves the front end of the boat powerfully away from potential impacts.

To perform a low powerful cross bow rudder reach the paddle across the kayak to the opposite side and place the parallel to the kayak as far out as you can reach at the same time edging the kayak away from the blade. Keep the rear hand about shoulder high tucking the rear elbow low into your lower back.

Slowly open the blade away from the kayak feeling the blades increased bite as you do so. Do this slowly and in control because it is at this point you risk capsizing.

As you slow during this turn you can increase the angle on the blade and let the paddle move further away from the hull. When the kayak has turned about as much as it can with this rudder, you can continue turning by performing a cross bow draw or cross back over the deck and do a forward sweep and or stern draw.

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