capsize swim to paddle roll
Kayak Skill
Capsize, Swim, Roll
The real life situation of capsizing and losing your paddle and then swimming to it without leaving your boat and then rolling....well??

But for practice - the Capsize, Swim, Roll - is worth practicing.

YOU are the pilot of boat, the more skills you have, the more confident you become, the more pilot you are - yoda. 

To execute:
Toss your paddle, capsize, keep your butt in the seat and your feet on the foot pegs but, rotate your torso, get your head out of the water, pan around until you visually acquire your paddle, dog paddle or breast stroke over to it, keep breathing in a relaxed manner, grasp your paddle correctly, keep your eyes open, orient the blades, maintain situational awareness (i.e. remain relaxed and thinking), re-situate yourself in your cockpit, set up for a solid roll, AND roll.  That's all there is to it.

To practice:
Practice the high brace; over and over and over and over...every single time you go paddling.
Practice the roll; over and over and over and least once, every single time you go paddling.

Watch a practice session from the perspective of a bow mounted GoPro Head Cam:

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capsize swim to paddle roll